VarioBalloon URO (PROTECT)

URO-ring-anchor Balloon

With VarioBalloon URO Pajunk offers a ring-anchor balloon, which is a tight sealing through balloon and foam stoppers. The insufflation works due to the implanted on-way stop cock. VarioBalloon URO is particularly established for applications in Urology like laparoscopic extraperitoneal radical nephrectomy (LERN) and laparoscopic extraperitoneal prostatectomy (LERP). VarioBalloon URO is available with a PROTECT obturator as well.

VarioBalloon URO (PROTECT) Features

1. Integrated Stopcock for Inflation / Deflation

  • Maintains consistent pressure

2. Foam Stopper

  • Tight seal
  • Reduces port-site bleedings
  • Adapts to different abdominal wall thickness
  • Stable anchoring

3. Latex-free Balloon

  • Smooth, atraumatic edges

4. Obturator

  • Trauma reduction with blunt tip (Obt RA)
  • Atraumatic-dilating placement without cutting tip (Obt PROTECT)

5. Secure Bayonet Lock

  • Of the obturator and the valve housing
  • Easy twist lock

6. Univseral Double Seal

  • Completely gas-tight for instruments with Ø3 to Ø5,8 mm / Ø5 to Ø11 mm

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