Distal Duck Kit

Distal Duck Tip Soaker

Distal Duck Tip Soaker ~ mini

Distal Duck Tip Soaker ~ Maxi

Duck Bag™ Humidity Pack

Enzyme Foam Spray


Eco Pre-Clean – Bagasse Tray

Eco Pre-Clean (Enzymatic / Neutral)

Point of Use Preparation

Medisafe offers a complete range of instrument cleaning products to aid your cleaning process.

EN ISO 15883-2: 2009 “The efficacy of disinfection can be impaired if soil removal is incomplete before the start of the disinfection process. Users should be aware that some medical devices might require pre-treatment”

DOH, CFPP 01-01, Page 20 “Prions are hydrophobic proteins. The attachment of hydrophobic proteins to surfaces becomes less reversible if they are allowed to dry fully onto a surface.
Keeping the environment around soiled instruments at or near saturation humidities (moist) prevents full attachment of hydrophobic proteins such that they are more efficiently removed by cleaning.”