Long Handled Scrubbing Brush

Frazier Suction Tube Cleaning Brushes

Baron Suction Tube Cleaning Brushes

Laparoscopic Brush

Flexible Bone Reamer Cleaning Brushes

Pipe Cleaners

Large Instrument Nylon Bristle

Utility Nylon Brush

General Brushes – Nylon / Stainless Steel

Upright Brushes – Nylon / Stainless Steel

Jar Brushes

Stain Rust Remover Pad

Acetabular Cleaning Brush

Quiver Brush

Disposable Sterilized Scrub Brushes

Rechargeable Waterproof Brush Kit

Cleaning Brushes

For your complete line of surgical instrument cleaning brushes, look no further!

Surgical instrument cleaning is the single most important step to proper disinfection and sterilization. Meet the growing demands of Central Sterile Reprocessing departments with Medisafe’s range of surgical instrument cleaning brushes.